Three More FMUS Certified Agains MC&I(2002)

The Kelantan and Perak Forest Management Units (FMUs) became the third and fourth FMUs in Peninsular Malaysia, while the Anap-Muput FMU became the first FMU in Sarawak, to be certified against the requirements of the Malaysian Criteria and Indicators for Forest Management Certification [MC&I(2002)].

The decision to award the Certificate for Forest Management to the above three FMUs were in line with the recommendations of the independent assessors (accredited to the Department of Standards Malaysia) based on the outcomes of verification visits conducted to assess the corrective actions taken by the said FMUs to address the Major and Minor Corrective Action Requests (CARs) raised during the assessment.

The Certificate for Forest Management issued to the Kelantan FMU (FMC 008) dated 18 January 2008 and Perak FMU (FMC 006) dated 19 February 2008 will supersede the existing Certificate issued against the requirements of the MC&I(2001). The Anap-Muput FMU has been issued a Certificate (FMC 010) dated 19 February 2008.  The Certificate for Forest Management will be valid for five years with surveillance visits carried out every twelve months to ensure continued compliance to the requirements of the MC&I(2002).

Further information of the above three FMUs can be obtained from its Public Summary.