Review of the MC&I(Forest Plantations) – Formation of the Standards Review Committee (SRC)

MTCC as the Secretariat is pleased to announce that the process for the formation of the 15-member Standards Review Committee (SRC) for the review of the MC&I(Forest Plantations) has been completed.

The SRC is the main body responsible for the review of the MC&I(Forest Plantations) and serves as the multi-stakeholder “Forum” comprising representatives that has been nominated by the respective stakeholder groups i.e. the social, environmental and economic interest groups, and the relevant government agencies from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

The formation of the SRC has been initiated through a letter dated 29 January 2013 which was sent to all stakeholder groups by post and e-mail. To facilitate the nomination and election of one (1) Member and an Alternate Member, each stakeholder group has been requested to propose their preferred option as follows:

Option 1 –          The stakeholder group appoints a coordinator from among the members of the stakeholder group                          to facilitate the nomination and election process; or

Option 2 –          The stakeholder group requests the Secretariat to facilitate the nomination and election process.

The option chosen for the nomination and election of representatives for the respective stakeholder group based on the feedback received are as follows:




Peninsular Malaysia

Stakeholder Group


Option 1 – Malaysian Environmental Non-governmental organisations (MENGO)


Option 2 – Secretariat

Option 1 – Sarawak Timber Association (STA)

Option 1 – Malaysian Timber Council (MTC)

Social – Indigenous People

Option 1 – KDCA

Option 2 – Secretariat

Option 2 – Secretariat

Social – Workers Union

Option 1 – Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI)

Relevant Government Agency

Option 2 – Secretariat


Subsequent to consultations carried out by the above representatives, Members and Alternate Members to represent the respective stakeholder groups to the SRC have been elected and the members are as follows:

As guided by the Process and Proposed Timelines for the Review of MC&I(Forest Plantations), the SRC is scheduled to meet on 26-28 August 2013 to prepare the Enquiry Draft 1 of the revised standard, which will be circulated and posted on the MTCC website for the second (30-day) public comment period.

Stakeholders are encouraged to submit any inputs with regard to the review of the MC&I(Forest Plantations) through their elected representative in the SRC. Alternatively, comments can also be submitted directly to the Secretariat through the various public comment periods as indicated in the Process and Proposed Timelines for the Review of MC&I(Forest Plantations).