Public Comments on review of MC&I (2002)

The Secretariat of the Standards Review Committee is pleased to announce the following comments which were received from the stakeholder groups as a result of the First Public Comment period on the MC&I(2002) conducted from  1 April to 31 May 2009:

(i)      Forest Department Peninsular Malaysia (Appendix I)
(ii)     Sarawak Forestry Corporation (Appendix II)
(iii)    Malaysian Nature Society (Kuching Branch) and World Conservation Society Malaysia (Appendix III)
(iv)    Sarawak Timber Association (Appendix IV)

In addition, the review of the MC&I(2002) will also take into account the comments from the following sources:

(i)      Comments on the MC&I(2002) received from the PEFC Council based on the evaluation of the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) for PEFC endorsement (Appendix V); and
(ii)     Comments received from the MTCC-Hamburg project (Appendix VI).

[The MTCC-Hamburg project was a two-year collaborative project between the MTCC and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany from June 2006-May 2008.  Under the project, a total of five consultants were engaged to look at specific aspects of the MC&I(2002), including a consultant to propose further improvement to the Indicators and Verifiers of the MC&I(2002). The work of the consultants was subjected to further review by the Joint Project Team comprising MTCC and other members representing the forestry agencies in the three regions of Malaysia, and presented at three regional workshops held in the three regions of Malaysia.]

In line with the Process and Timelines for the Review of MC&I(2002), a five-member Panel of Experts (PoE) has now been formed and tasked to study the comments made on the MC&I(2002).  We are pleased to announce that the PoE has been scheduled to meet on 23 July 2009 and the outcome of the PoE meeting will be presented for the consideration of the First Meeting of the Standards Review Committee which will be scheduled in August-October 2009.

According to the timelines, the draft revised standard shall be subjected to a second 30-day public comment and a third 60-day public comment period scheduled in November 2009 and May-June 2010, respectively.