PEFC Notification Fee under the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS)

The PEFC Council has recently revised the guidance document PEFC GD 1006:2012, PEFC Notification of Certification Bodies by PEFC Council, which stipulates the revised structure and tariffs of fees charged for issued PEFC certificates for forest management and chain of custody (CoC), and PEFC Logo usage licenses.

The PEFC Council is now charging only Notification fee per issued certificate, without charging an additional logo usage fee to the certificate holder for the PEFC Logo usage license.  With the revised fee structure, a PEFC Logo usage license will be available for the certified entity (FMU or company) without any additional cost

PEFC is of the view that the revised approach has the following main advantages:

(i)       certificate holders need not pay an additional logo usage fee after having obtained certification; and.

(ii)     a higher number of PEFC logo usage license holders would translate into an increased logo use.


In relation to this, MTCC will now impose a PEFC Notification fee on all the certificate holders, and this fee will be collected annually by the certification bodies on behalf of MTCC as part of the total auditing cost.

The PEFC Notification fee that will be charged under the MTCS and the amount collected will be based on the following arrangement:


Notification Category Subsets

Annual Fee (RM)

 A.  Forest Management Certificates

 Natural Forest and Forest  Plantations

RM0.018 per ha of certified forest
 B.  CoC Certificates  Based on annual total turnover (RM):
 Up to 5 Million 300.00
 Over 5 Million and up to 20  Million 500.00
 Over 20 Million and up to 50  Million 750.00
 Over 50 Million and up to 100  Million 1,000.00
 Over 100 Million 2,000.00


Please take note that the Notification fee will be collected beginning 1 July 2014.

MTCC would like to thank all the certificate holders for the continuous support and full cooperation in this matter.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Sabrina Hj. Mawasi ( or Mr Akmal Saarani (