PEFC Forest Certification Week 2013 – Advancing Sustainable Trade in Asia, 11-15 November 2013, Kuala Lumpur

“There are tremendous opportunities for stakeholders in Asia to contribute to sustainable forest management in Asia, for both forest managers as well as companies along the timber value chain,” said Ben Gunneberg, PEFC Secretary General. “As forest certification has yet to fully penetrate the Asian market and new approaches are required to strengthen market demand, build capacity and connect supply chains to deliver sustainable products, PEFC will bring together diverse stakeholders across the forest sector landscape for this year’s Stakeholder Dialogue during the PEFC Forest Certification Week,  to take stock and identify opportunities to catalyze action on and uptake of sustainable practices with respect to the forest based sector within the Asian region”.

The 4th PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue will take place during the Forest Certification Week on 14-15 November. This annual event will bring together some 250 key actors across the forest sector landscape to engage in solutions-oriented discussions. The Stakeholder Dialogue is open to everyone, giving participants a chance to meet experts, hear from a variety of perspectives, take part in discussions and share their views.

To further increase the collaborative power of the Stakeholder Dialogue, PEFC is adding a Side Event Day to the PEFC Forest Certification Week and invites interested organizations, associations and companies to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of the audience to present their own activities and engage participants. Proposals for side events are requested by 31 August 2013 – visit the event website at for more information.

The PEFC Forest Certification Week will also feature the 18th PEFC General Assembly, a range of internal PEFC workshops, as well as training seminars, including a Chain of Custody seminar that will update participants about the recently release 2013 PEFC Chain of Custody standard.

Visit the event website at