PEFC Endorsement of MC&I(Forest Plantations) Extended to 30 June 2016

Following the adoption of the MC&I Forest Plantation.v2 on 19 December 2014, the standard became applicable on 1 July 2015. As announced in June 2015, the standard had been submitted for endorsement by PEFC International, while the endorsement of the MC&I(Forest Plantations) had been extended by PEFC International until 31 December 2015. In accordance with the transition plan as announced in February 2015, the application of MC&I Forest Plantation.v2 will become mandatory on 1 January 2016.

However, due to unforeseen delay in the endorsement process of the MC&I Forest Plantation.v2, MTCC is pleased to inform certificate holders and interested stakeholders that PEFC International has granted another extension on the endorsement of MC&I(Forest Plantations) until 30 June 2016, thus allowing existing forest plantation management units (FPMUs) holding MC&I(Forest Plantations) certificate and have undergone successful surveillance audits against the MC&I Forest Plantation.v2 to continue to hold valid PEFC endorsed certificate. The extension of endorsement also covers the certification of any new FPMU assessed against the MC&I Forest Plantation.v2.

We are confident that the MC&I Forest Plantation.v2 standard will be endorsed by the PEFC within the first half of 2016.

For further information, please contact Miss Siti Syaliza Mustapha at or call +603-2161-2298.