Pahang, Selangor Certificates Extended, Terengganu Certificate Expires

The Certificate for Forest Management issued to the Pahang and Selangor FMUs against the requirements of MC&I(2001) and valid till 13 December 2006, have been extended for another year, up to 13 December 2007.  However, the Certificate issued to the Terengganu FMU has expired on 13 December 2006.

The MTCC Board of Trustees at its 29th meeting had agreed to extend the validity of the Certificate issued to the three FMUs involved for another year up to 13 December 2007, with the condition that the FMUs showed continued compliance with the requirements of the MC&I(2001) through surveillance visits to be conducted before the expiry of the Certificate. This decision was to ensure the smooth transition for the change from the use of the MC&I(2001) to the new forest management standard [MC&I(2002)].

The surveillance visit of the Pahang FMU was conducted in October 2006.  MTCC has decided to extend the Certificate issued to the Pahang FMU based on the surveillance report and recommendations made by the independent assessor.

For the Selangor FMU, the surveillance visit was conducted in November 2006.  MTCC has also decided to extend the Certificate issued to the Selangor FMU based on the assessor’s report and recommendations.

For the Terengganu FMU however, the surveillance visit had not been conducted by 13 December 2006, the expiry date of the Certificate. The Terengganu State Forestry Department has informed MTCC that the said surveillance visit will only be conducted in January/February 2007.

With the expiry of the Certificate, all logs sourced from the Permanent Reserved Forests (PRFs) in the Terengganu FMU with effect from 1 January 2007 (i.e. all logs accompanied by Removal Passes dated from 1 January 2007 onwards) will not be recognised as certified material under the MTCC scheme.  This will be in effect until the Terengganu FMU successfully undergoes the surveillance visit to the requirements of the MC&I(2001).

All holders of the MTCC Certificate for Chain-of-Custody have been informed by MTCC to take the necessary measures to comply with the above ruling in the purchase and processing of MTCC-certified materials (logs), and in the sales and exports of MTCC-certified timber products.