MyHIJAU Mark Product Registration for PEFC-Certified Products under MTCS

The MTCS has recently been accepted under the MyHIJAU Mark Programme, which will enable all PEFC chain of custody (CoC) certificate holders under the MTCS to register their certified products for the MyHIJAU Mark. 

The MyHIJAU Programme is an initiative of the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia) to promote the sourcing of green technology products and services in Malaysia. Its aim is to encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly practices in the country, while catalyzing the growth of Malaysia's green economy.

The MyHIJAU Programme consists of the MyHIJAU MARK which registers certified products, equipment and systems, and approved service and system providers that have been verified by GreenTech Malaysia to meet local and international environmental and ecological standards and which will be listed in the MyHIJAU Directory, accessible online from GreenTech Malaysia's website,

A fee of RM 1,000 will be charged for the registration of the MyHIJAU Mark products and registration can be made directly via MyHIJAU website at