MTCC Seminar on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and Timber Certification

MTCC has been stepping up efforts locally to raise awareness among the relevant stakeholders and members of the public on the importance of SFM and timber certification.

In collaboration with the Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC), MTCC held a seminar on 11 April 2015 to brief members of the MGBC, as well as representatives from selective academic institutions, timber industry and financial sector on the practice of SFM and timber certification in Malaysia.

Participants were briefed on the implementation of SFM practices in Malaysia, the development and operation of the MTCS and the independent third party auditing processes for both forest management and chain of custody certification under the MTCS, which provide the assurance that wood used in a certified product, can be traced to sustainably managed forests.

In sharing his experience as a lead auditor for forest management certification, Dr. Yap Son Kheong commented: “Over the past decade, I have seen more forest managers gaining a better understanding and appreciation of sustainable processes and adapted the sustainable practices into their operations. The change has been gradual. It is my hope that more forest managers and operators are made aware of their responsibilities towards the forest and the environment including the workers and indigenous peoples.”