Kuala Lumpur, 4 December 2018 – Two graduating students from the Faculty of Forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) received the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) Academic Awards for outstanding academic and scholastic achievements in their overall academic performance and final year project thesis.

MTCC CEO, Mr.Yong Teng Koon said that the annual awards were jointly determined with the Faculty of Forestry, UPM to recognise graduating students who have excelled in their studies and produced a quality final year thesis based on the prescribed fields of study.  It is also aimed to spur the undergraduate students to pursue academic excellence so that they could be the future award recipients.

This year, the two award recipients were: (i) Nurul Kamaliah Eddy Marman’s with her thesis titled, “Dead Wood Chracteristics Influencing Macrofungal Diversity in Fragmented Forest”, and (ii) Muhammad Khairulddin Fadzil’s with his thesis “Assessment on Soil Physico Chemical Properties of Secondary and Rehabilitated Forests in Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu, Sarawak”.  Each of them earned RM1,000 in cash and a Certificate of Achievement from MTCC.

“I would like to thank MTCC for this award. It is truly an honour for me to be one of the recipients. I am convinced of the importance of forests and agreed that we must all do our part to protect and care for our forest, both for my own sake and the sake of our future generation,” said Muhammad.

Beaming with excitement over receiving the award, Nurul shared, “The MTCC Academic Award has motivated me to work hard and I am so happy to be recognised and receive this award.  I hope to be able to contribute to our national sustainability agenda in ensuring the precious forest resources that we have will be sustainably managed.”

“The future of our forests lies in the hands of our future generations. The younger generation must be prepared and engaged to chart this future. Engaging them at the university level while they are young and eager to learn, motivating them to pursue academic excellence and raising their awareness of shared responsibility in this endeavour is definitely a significant step in the right direction,” Yong concluded.

First presented in 2016, the MTCC Academic Awards aim to recognise outstanding students from the forestry-related field of study who have distinguished themselves by demonstrating overall academic excellence and scholarship in their final year project thesis.