MTCC Invites Proposals For Its Review On Requirements And Assessment Procedures For Chain-Of-Custody Certification (RAP/COC)

The document entitled Requirements and Assessment Procedures for Chain-of-Custody Certification (RAP/COC)and dated 3 November 2000 is the key document related to chain-of-custody (CoC) certification. The RAP/COC can be downloaded from MTCC’s website (see under the heading Documents).

The RAP/COC sets out the requirements and assessment procedures for CoC certification and has been used as the basis for assessments for CoC certification under the MTCC timber certification scheme. It also provides the necessary information to companies interested in obtaining CoC certification from MTCC as well as auditors in carrying out CoC assessments.

The RAP/COC is the output of consultations and discussions carried out in 2000, as well as a project funded by the German Agency for Technical Coorperation (GTZ) which was completed in 2001. MTCC is of the view that the RAP/COC should be reviewed at this juncture to take into account the latest international developments and to incorporate best practices in CoC certification which are appropriate to local conditions in Malaysia.

Since November 2002, MTCC has become a member of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) Council, formerly known as the Pan European Forest Certification Council. MTCC is now making preparations to submit its scheme for the endorsement of the PEFC Council. In line with the requirements of the PEFC Council, the revision of the RAP/COC has to be through a forum involving all relevant stakeholder groups whose views shall be documented and considered in an open and transparent way. In this connection, MTCC is planning to organise such a forum in the form of a national consultation in July 2004 to consider and decide on proposals to review the RAP/COC.

As preparation for the proposed national consultation, MTCC cordially invites your organisation to submit proposals for the review of the RAP/COC. In this process, your organisation may wish to discuss with other organisations in your respective stakeholder groups in order to coordinate the proposals on the RAP/COC.

All proposals should be forwarded to MTCC on or before 30 April 2004 to enable MTCC to collate and compile the proposals. The draft document incorporating the proposed amendments will then be circulated to all stakeholder groups prior to the national consultation. Proposals can be sent by post, fax (No. 03-9200 6008) or e-mail ( for the attention of Mr. Ismail Ibrahim. Please contact MTCC if further clarification is needed.