Invitation to Participate in the Stakeholder Consultation of Anap Muput FMU Surveillance Audit

SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd (SIRIM QAS International) will be conducting the Surveillance Audit for forest management certification on Anap Muput Forest Management Unit (FMU) which is managed by Zedtee Sdn. Bhd., on 24-27 June 2014.

The audit will assess the forest management practices of the Anap Muput FMU against the requirements of the MC&I(Natural Forest) in relation to the economic, social and environmental aspects. 

As part of the audit process for forest management certification, SIRIM QAS International would like to invite all stakeholders to participate in the Stakeholder Consultation process to provide comments and feedback in the Surveillance Audit of the Anap Muput FMU forest management practices. For more information on the Stakeholder Consultation process, the invitation letter which has been issued and published in the SIRIM QAS website can be downloaded at: