Information Update – Sela’an Linau FMU

The Sela’an-Linau Forest Management Unit (FMU) is the first FMU in Sarawak to be awarded the Certificate for Forest Management under the MTCC timber certification scheme.  The Certificate is awarded to Samling Plywood (Baramas) Sdn. Bhd., the company which manages the Sela’an-Linau FMU.

MTCC received a letter dated 25 January 2005 from Mr. Bilong Oyau, the Headman of Long Sait. This letter, which also bears the signatures of Headmen and Assistant Headmen from 11 other communities, alleges that their communities were not consulted with regard to the certification of Sela’an-Linau FMU and therefore urged MTCC to revoke the Certificate granted to Samling. The letter also informed that the communities concerned had filed legal action against Samling which is still pending at the High Court.

In line with the procedures under the MTCC scheme, MTCC has replied to Mr. Bilong Oyau, that the complaint will be investigated and followed up during the first surveillance visit on Sela’an-Linau FMU scheduled for this year.  MTCC also provided a map of the actual forest area that was certified.  At the same time, MTCC has requested more information from Mr. Bilong Oyau regarding the High Court case.

MTCC has also sent a copy of the letter from Mr. Bilong Oyau to SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. (the independent assessor) to examine the issues raised during the surveillance visit.