Global Recognition of MTCS Continues



PEFC International has announced the re-endorsement of the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) for another period of 5 years.

The re-endorsement of MTCS means that the scheme has passed the most stringent test and continues to meet the PEFC strict international Sustainability Benchmarks. The re-endorsement is an attestation of the robustness of the MTCS. It further reaffirms and recognises the efforts taken by the stakeholders in Malaysia towards achieving sustainable forest management (SFM) and that the forests certified under the MTCS are being managed responsibly   in line with globally recognized best practice requirements.

PEFC International requires all national schemes to revise their certification standards every five years. The revision ensures that any latest developments in PEFC requirements, new scientific information, practical experience gained in the field as well as the expectations and aspirations of society towards SFM are considered and implemented as part of PEFC’s commitment to continuous improvement.

"We congratulate MTCC for successfully completing the rigorous third-party assessment of the MTCS by an independent assessor and for achieving the re-endorsement of the scheme", said Ben Gunneberg, PEFC Secretary General.

MTCC CEO Yong Teng Koon expressed great satisfaction that the tremendous work which MTCC had invested in the revision of the MTCS documentation has been duly rewarded. He said: "Compliance with the PEFC requirements is of utmost importance to us as it demonstrates that the MTCS continues to meet and comply with stringent international standards”. He attributed the achievement to the valuable contribution and active engagement by the relevant stakeholders, coupled by the dedication and support of the MTCC staff. He further added that “MTCC will continue to proactively seek dialogue with, and involvement from, all the interested parties to ensure that the certification standards meet the expectations of all and positively contribute to the sustainable development and implementation of the scheme."

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