Summary of First Public Comment on Review of MC&I(Forest Plantations)

In line with the Proposed Process and Timelines for the Review of the MC&I(Forest Plantations), the first 60-day Public Comment on the MC&I(Forest Plantations) was conducted from 15 January to 16 March 2013.  However, to accommodate the request from some stakeholder groups, the public comment period was extended to 1 April 2013.

Comments and proposals were received from fourteen (14) organisations, as follows:

  1. Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN)
  2. Labour Department Sarawak
  3. Department of Environment Sabah
  4. Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) Sarawak Division
  5. Iskandar Regional Development Authority
  6. KTS Forests Management Sdn. Bhd.
  7. Labour Department Peninsular Malaysia
  8. Wildlife Conservation Society (Malaysia Program)
  9. Malaysian Nature Society (Penang Branch)
  10. Zedtee Sdn. Bhd.
  11. Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia
  12. Department of Environment Sarawak
  13. Sarawak Timber Association (STA)
  14. World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia

Please “click” on the organisation link to view the comments and proposals submitted.

As follow-up action, the Secretariat will prepare a Working Draft containing all the feedback received, which will be presented to the Standards Review Committee (SRC) for its consideration. The SRC which is the main body responsible for the review of the MC&I(Forest Plantations), is a 15-member multi-stakeholder forum with members comprising representatives from the environmental, economic and social (indigenous peoples/workers) interest groups, and relevant government agencies from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

As the Secretariat of the SRC facilitating the review process, MTCC takes this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders for taking the time and making the effort to study the MC&I(Forest Plantations), and submitting the comments and proposals. Stakeholders who wish to submit more comments and proposals on the MC&I(Forest Plantations) can do so during the second and third Public Comment periods, as well as through their respective representatives in the SRC.

You can download the compilation of comments for the Review of MC&I(Forest Plantations) here.