Clarification on Statement on Rubberwood Products issued by MTIB

The Statement on Rubberwood Products issued by MTIB (which was issued by MTCC prior to August 2011) basically provides information to buyers that the rubberwood products of the said company are processed or manufactured from rubberwood logs harvested from rubber plantations which are managed through systematic planting and replanting programmes, and that the trees are felled when their life-span for latex production is no longer economic and replanting is necessary, usually after a 25-year rotation.

However, lately some timber manufacturers and exporters of Rubberwood products who have been issued with this Statement by MTIB have enquired from MTCC whether the Statement provides the assurance of legality and sustainability and whether the Statement complies with the requirements of the PEFC International Chain of Custody certification standard PEFC ST 2002:2010 used under the MTCS.

In regard to this, MTCC would like to clarify that from certification view point the Statement on Rubberwood Products does not provide any assurance of sustainability and hence does not comply with the PEFC CoC requirements.

Nevertheless, efforts are currently being taken by MTIB to provide assurance of legality of rubberwood originating from rubber smallholdings under the Timber Legality Assurance System (MYTLAS) developed for Peninsular Malaysia.

Please take note that the above also applies to the Statement on Durian Wood Products and Statement on Acacia Mangium Products issued by MTIB.