Announcement: Conclusion of Third Public Comment on Final Draft MC&I (Natural Forest)

The Final Draft of the MC&I(Natural Forest) was subjected to a final 60-day Third Public Comment from 14 May – 12 July 2011.

The notification for the public comment on the Final Draft MC&I(Natural Forest) was made through the MTCC website, MTCC Newsletter, via e-mail as well as air-mail where soft/hard copies of the draft standard were enclosed and sent to 172 organisations representing the various social, economic and environmental stakeholder groups, and relevant government agencies in Malaysia, to solicit their comments and feedback on the draft standard.

A total of fifteen (15) comments and/or proposals were received from the stakeholder groups as a result of the public comment. Please click on the link below to view the comments and proposals received from the stakeholder groups concerned.

1. Wildlife Conservation Society (Malaysia Program)
2. Natural Resources and Environment Board, Sarawak
3. Sabah Forestry Department
4. Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia
5. Kadazandusun Cultural Association, Sabah
6. Forest Research Institute Malaysia
7. Sarawak Forestry Department
8. Bioversity International
9. Johor National Parks Corporation
10. Environmental Protection Department, Sabah
11. Persatuan Kedayan Sabah
12. Sarawak Biodiversity Centre
13. Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Sarawak
14. Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Sabah
15. Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM)*

Besides comments received from representatives of the above stakeholder groups, the Secretariat has also submitted its comments and proposals for the consideration of the Third Meeting of the Standards Review Committee (SRC).

The Secretariat of the SRC wishes to thank the representatives from the various stakeholder groups for taking the effort to study and submit their comments and proposals on the Final Draft. The comments and proposals received will be compiled by the Secretariat and presented for the consideration of the Third Meeting of the SRC,  scheduled to be held in Pulau Langkawi on 20 – 22 September 2011.

Stakeholder groups which still wish to submit any further comments and proposals on the Final Draft of the MC&I(Natural Forest) can submit their comments via their respective representative (member) in the SRC.

Note: (*) Comments from SUHAKAM dated 27 July 2011 were received by the Secretariat on 1 August 2011 i.e. after the closing date of 12 July 2011.