“Pushing Boundaries Advancing Sustainability”

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Arising from the Earth Summit in 1992, the idea for third-party forest certification to promote the implementation of sustainable forest management to tackle the issues of deforestation and forest degradation was mooted. Consequently, forest certification schemes, both international and national were developed, including the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme(MTCS) operated by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC).

MTCC began operations in 1999 with a specific mandate to promote the implementation of sustainable forest management and to meet the demand for sustainably produced timber products in the international market. In the past two decades through the implementation of the MTCS, the MTCC has disrupted the status quo in forest management practices and supply of timber products in the country.

Twenty years on, has timber certification been able to address the global concern and fulfill the needs of the increasing demand for sustainable timber products? Has certification become a new normal or will it be deemed irrelevant in the fourth industrial revolution?

In conjunction with MTCC’s 20th Anniversary Celebration bearing the tagline “Pushing Boundaries Advancing Sustainability,” MTCC is organising a one-day conference that seeks to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate the tremendous hard work, improvements and innovative efforts undertaken by forest managers and timber enterprises, enriched by inputs from stakeholders, that have pushed the boundaries and made advancement in meeting the stringent demands of certification in forest management and chain of custody.

Speakers and moderators will comprise several experts from the whole spectrum of the industry around the globe. Get enlightened by listening to their discussions on the urgent needs for achieving sustainability targets and increasing the availability of certified timber products for consumers in the Malaysian and global markets. Be ready to see the forests beyond timber and keep abreast with the latest initiatives as they share their experience in the innovation of forest products and services towards ensuring a credible, effective and efficient certification in the future.