How do I apply for PEFC Logo Usage Licence?

Application will have to be made to MTCC which is the NGB of the PEFC Council in Malaysia.
The following user groups can apply to MTCC for the issuance of PEFC Logo usage license:

Group B: Forest owners and managerswith PEFC recognised forest management (FM) certificates and all eligible entities participating in a region or group with PEFC recognised certificate.

Group C: Forest related industries (e.g. wood procurement organisations, wood manufacturers and wood processing industries, wood traders, distributors, retailers, etc.) with PEFC recognised chain of custody (COC) certificate, including sites covered by PEFC recognised COC certificates.

Group D: Other Users – Organisations and other entities other than those classified under PEFC Logo user groups B and C which are using the PEFC Logo off-product for promotional and education purposes.

A company, organisation or individual has to obtain the PEFC Logo Usage License from MTCC before printing, publishing or otherwise using the PEFC Logo and its related claims regardless of the logo usage group or logo usage alternative (off- or on-product usage). Qualified applicants are required to submit a completed application form to MTCC, as presented in Appendix B of LG 3/2011. MTCC reviews the application form to determine whether the applicant has delivered all the required documents for scrutiny and that all the predetermined PEFC Council requirements on the logo usage and reproduction are fulfilled.

If logo usage is approved, MTCC prepares a Logo Usage License Agreement (Appendix C of LG 3/2011) for the applicant. The License Agreement enters into force when:

• Both parties sign the agreement; and
• When the applicant has paid the applicable fees.

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