Revised MTCS Technical Documents – 2020

MTCC wishes to inform all stakeholders that the MTCC Board of Trustees at its 83rd Meeting on 5 March 2020 has adopted the revised MTCS Technical Documents listed below:

  1. SSP 4/2020 – Standard Setting Procedures for Development of Forest Management Certification Standards
  2. GFMC 3/2020 – Group Forest Management Certification – Requirements
  3. NCB 7/2020 – Procedure for PEFC Notification of Certification Bodies Operating Forest Management System or Chain of Custody Certification
  4. LG 8/2020 – Procedure for Issuance of PEFC Trademarks by MTCC
  5. MTCS 10/2020 – The Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) and Its Implementation Arrangement

The above documents had been revised to ensure that they are updated in line with latest organisational, procedural and technical developments related to the MTCS. The amendments also took into account the revision made by PEFC on its corresponding standards and technical documents.

Please contact MTCC for further information and clarification.