Review of MC&I (Natural Forest)


The Malaysian Criteria and Indicators for Forest Management Certification (Natural Forest) or MC&I(Natural Forest) is the standard used for assessing the management practices of natural forests in Malaysia under the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) since 2012.

It is in line with international practices that a certification standard must be reviewed at least every five years to ensure continuous improvement. The MC&I(Natural Forest) is currently undergoing the review process that commenced in November 2015 which is being conducted based on the requirements specified in the MTCS document SSP3/2014: Rules on Standard Setting Process for Development of Timber Certification Standards.

The review process was put on hold in 2017 pending the completion of the review of the PEFC sustainability benchmark which ended in 2018. (Read more)

Process & Timelines

The following key activities will be conducted throughout the review process of the MC&I(Natural Forest):

  1. Soliciting comments from the stakeholder groups at various stages during the review process by circulating/placing the MC&I(Natural Forest), Working Drafts and Enquiry Draft on the MTCC website;
  2. Compilation of public comments and preparation of Working, Enquiry and Final Drafts by the Secretariat;
  3. Consideration of the Working, Enquiry and Final Drafts by the SRC; and
  4. Conducting of three regional consultations to discuss the Enquiry Draft with the relevant stakeholder groups in the three regions of Malaysia.

The Progress of the Review which is conducted in accordance to the Process and Timelines is available here.

Standards Review Committee (SRC)

The SRC reviews the MC&I(Natural Forest) and develops the revised standard. The SRC comprise of representatives nominated by their respective stakeholder groups i.e. the indigenous people, worker, environment, industry, and the relevant government agencies, from the three regions of Malaysia, i.e. Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia. The MTCC serves as the Secretariat for the SRC.

The formation of the Standards Review Committee (SRC) for the review of MC&I(Natural Forest) has been completed in line with the requirement of the SSP 3/2014 Rules on Standard Setting Process for Development of Timber Certification Standards.

View the Members and Alternate Members of the SRC

Meetings of the SRC
The SRC gathers to consider the comments received from the Public Consultations and Regional Consultations and provide feedback on the amendments and updates to be made to the revised MC&I standard. The outcomes of the SRC Meetings are listed below:

  1. First Meeting of SRC
  2. Second Meeting of SRC
  3. Third Meeting of SRC
  4. Fourth Meeting of SRC

Public Comment & Consultation


The MC&I(Natural Forest) standard is subjected to public comment where stakeholders are invited to submit their comments and/or proposals for amendment / deletion / addition with justification for the proposals.
First Public Comment (16 November 2015 – 15 January 2016)

Second Public Comment (Coming soon in 2019!)

  • Announcement
  • Reminder
  • Summary of First Public Comment
  • Consideration & Decision on Comments Received

Regional Consultations (Coming soon in 2019!)

  • Sabah
  • Sarawak
  • Peninsula



For further information on the standard review process, please contact Ms Siti Syaliza Mustapha at or call 603-2161 2298.

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