Recognition of MTCS

PEFC Endorsement

As a PEFC – endorsed scheme, the MTCS has been accepted under the national timber procurement policies of Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, France and New Zealand, as well as the Keurhout System of The Netherlands, as meeting the requirements for sustainable timber.

Public Procurement Policies (PPPs)


The MTCS is listed as one of the certification schemes in the Guideline for Verification on Legality and Sustainability of Wood and Wood Products issued by the Forestry Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan. (April 2006)

The Netherlands

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment [formerly Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment (VROM)] has accepted the MTCS certificate as meeting the requirements for legality of timber. (April 2007)


  • The City of Hamburg fully accepts the MTCS in its procurement policy (December 2009)

Green Building Systems

  • As a PEFC – endorsed scheme, the MTCS is recognised under several green building schemes, such as in Australia, Italy, Singapore, The Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA, Japan and Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • In addition, the Green Building Index (GBI) in Malaysia recognises the MTCS under its Sustainable Timber criteria.

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