The First Meeting of the SRC was held on 12–14 April 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, attended by a total of 17 participants comprising Members, Alternate Members and Observers. 

Being the first meeting, the SRC was briefed on the standard review process and its development to-date, proposed processes and timelines, rules on standard setting process based on the SSP3/2014 as well as the Terms of Reference for the SRC. 

The Meeting discussed the approach for streamlining the MC&I(Natural Forest) and MC&I Forest Plantation.v2 and considered the comments received from the first public comment period that were general in nature, including a proposal for reorganisation of the various Principles of the MC&I(Natural Forest). The SRC noted the intent of the proposal and appreciated the efforts taken by the stakeholders in providing such a comprehensive comment. Nevertheless, the SRC was of the view that the existing structure of the MC&I(Natural Forest) is more comprehensive, with repetition of requirements needed for emphasis and therefore decided that the structure of the MC&I(Natural Forest) should be maintained. 

As a result of the First Meeting of the SRC, the Secretariat prepared a Working Draft 1 of the MC&I(Natural Forest) which incorporated comments received from the first public comment period and the inclusion of the MC&I Forest Plantation.v2 standard for the consideration of the second meeting of the SRC.