Notification of Certification Bodies


MTCC only recognises certificates issued by accredited CBs within the scope of the CB’s accreditation (accredited certification). For this purpose, CBs carrying out certification would need to be notified by MTCC through the application of the PEFC Notification of CBs.


The notification procedure is specified in the document NCB 2/2012 entitled Procedure for PEFC Notification of Certification Bodies Operating Forest Management System and/or Chain of Custody Certification.

Notification of CBs

Use of Logo by Certificate Holders


All certificate holders are required to obtain a Logo Usage License from MTCC which is the PEFC national governing body in Malaysia before using the PEFC logo and its related claims.


The document LG 3/2011 entitled Issuance of PEFC Logo Usage Licenses by MTCC sets out the rules and guidelines for the use of the PEFC Logo and its related claims by holders of certificates issued by accredited CBs that are PEFC notified by MTCC.

Logo Usage License

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